La Luna Farm Holidays in Florence

The farm "La Luna" is situated among the gentle Chianti hills of Colli Fiorentini, about 15 km west of Florence.

The farm consists of an ancient central body and a manor villa built by Carlo Allegri at the beginning of the twentieth century. In the nineteenth century, the farm represented the main nucleus of the small village of La Luna, and the viticulture, olive-growing and agricultural activity of the area revolved around it.

For four generations, the manor has been  owned by the family Allegri, which counted among his descendants some people of great artistic talent.


Carlo Allegri designed and built some beautiful Tuscan villas and In 1897, he completed the work in Rome for the realization of the majestic  “Ponte Umberto I”.

Ugo Allegri succeeded his father at the helm of the Company Allegri & C. built and completed , in 1907, the Ponte Umberto I in Turin,  a monumental work which was inaugurated for a second time in 1911, after a few stylistic changes and the addition of four statues, for the Universal Exhibition of that year.

 In Rome , in the year  1907 completed  the Ponte Mazzini , then between 1907 and 1911 built the “Ponte San Paolo”, then prepared  the technical design of the two groups of sculptures statues of “Vittorie Alate” of the “Ponte Vittorio Emanuele” II.

 After that began the reconstruction of the bridge “Sublicio” dated the seventh century  B.C.  completed in 1918, then again the "Ponte Littorio" (now "Ponte Matteotti"), completed in 1929, and finally the” Ponte Emanuele Filiberto Duca D'Aosta” at the “Foro Italico” opened in 1939.

 In Florence he built the “Ponte della Vittoria” which was destroyed in World War II.

He built other bridges in Turin over the Po, in Florence over the Arno and in other minor towns. Period photos representing the building phases of some of these works are shown in the Villa. The estate consists of about forty hectares, of which five are occupied by vineyards and ten by olive trees.
The remaining 25 hectares are covered by thick vegetation including some wooded areas, and are populated by small mammals and birds. The old internal paths, still used by local farmers and shepherds with their flocks, make the walks pleasant and full of surprises in every season.

The farmhouse is self-sufficient for electricity thanks to a photovoltaic system of last generation, also carries the composting, using organic residues in foodstuffs, and, at the moment, has in place the study of a system of subirrigazione for the recycling of sewage. It can therefore be defined as "ecoagriturismo".

 The agriturismo makes available of its guests an attractive swimming pool in the open space to cheer their stay in the warm season.

The presence of the church and the beautiful "Villa Allegri" make the place ideal for weddings and "Honeymoons"


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